Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The R. J.Gabrielsen Family, 2008

What a beautiful sight! Who knows what changes 2009 will bring.

Christmas Day 2008

Yes, Laurie enjoys being a grandmother to such a beautiful two-year old.
Christmas Breakfast at the Gabrielsens on Hickory Glen is always special. The omelets are a special treat.

Kate enjoys making cookies

Can you believe this little girl is just two years old and focused enough to make sugar cookiesL?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Season 2008

The one on the top is John, GAbe, Steve and Jaimee holding Kate

JOhn is considering world problems
GAbe is determined to do one lesson a day and get this physics on-line class finished. He will take time off to go skiing at night because it is a bargain price at $10.

Randee enjoys the warmth of the fireplace and is wearing a beautiful
jade necklace that is heart shaped. She seems to enjoy being in Boise even if we have had more snow than usual.

Kate enjoyed the presents and the wrapping. Daddy Scott put together the stroller, bed, etc.

Ron and Randee enjoy the fireplace.

The two of them at dinner on Sunday.

I am sorry about the picture arrangement. My visiting teacher has offered to help me use another program that will help with that problem.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Todd, Liz, Lance and Lance Visit Boise

Laine loved playing the organ; she can follow the downbeat very well.
Those cupboards need cleaning. Mom and Dad have plenty of canned corn for the occasion.

Under the sink held many marvels. When Liz cleans, one knows it is CLEAN.

Lance in his " shirt of many colors" touches up the kitchen cupboards and the supports for the granite counter.

Todd and Liz are ready to go to the Christmas Party of Source One. Todd received his plaque and a promise of a vacation somewhere. Last year they went to Education Week.

Lance loves color. He chose this red Impala for the rental car.

Laine Loves Her Rabbit Annabelle

Nine Year Old Laine loves her rabbit even though Annabelle has been digging holes in the back yard.

ABout that Utah-Game

Yes, that is a Utah tie that Lance is wearing...He lost the bet. We heard that Jake agreed to shave his head.

Monday, December 8, 2008


We haven't been together since before my mission! It was fun to sit around and celebrate Saren's birthday.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Enjoy Carson

Carson can pull himself up but can't quite get what to do with the feet and legs.
The first ball that Carson played with was a Titlist that Uncle Chad would have picked!.

Grandpa Gabrielsen tries to explain the game of golf to Carson....well, maybe it is a little too son.

Thanksgiving 2008 at Joe & Laurie's.

John brought RAndee home for the holiday. She is enjoying playing the organ, exercising and eating leftovers.

Carson loved the high chair idea but what about that PINK Bib! Grandpa and one of his favorite people.

Joe was tireleass on the cleanup. David and Melanie brought over Carson. John drove Scott's new Honda to Boise.

I need Lesson 101 for labeling these pictures. Gabe (minus 40 lbs) is back from Samoa. He is going to the Single's WArd in Kayville, doing correspondence from a difficult looking physics book. Steve goes M and Th to classes at BYU in Salt Lake City. He plans to start the mission process at Christmas time.

Melanie Pieces Baby Quilt

Melanie pieces a baby quilt for Carson. David's mother will machine
quilt it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Laine Turns Nine

Laine turned nine this year and enjoys going to a Charter School. She especially enjoys jumping rope with friends.

Scenes from New York, Reed Style

Reed has changed companions since these pictures were taken. Elder Xie was much older (31) and was made zone leader. Reed now has a fellow that he was with in the MTC.

Lance Enjoys Hiking, Birthday and Homecoming

Laine made sure that Lance's 17th birthday was celebrated. He prefers pie instead of a cake.
Homecoming 2008 was lots of fun. They dined at the Joseph Smith Building, and went bowling in addition to the dance at Olympic High School

Lance loves hiking in unusual places.

From North Woodside

It turns out that instead, he had a gene deficiency called Scandavian finger. Sorry this is posted backwards.
For years Todd thought that his bent finger was probably a basketball injury.