Monday, December 21, 2009

The Challenge

RAndee and I put this puzzle together. The directions said for 13 yrs and older. It should have said for age 50 & younger because it took a long time to finish. Many times I threatened to call the puzzle company and insist that they did not send all the pieces but they did.....

Then we tore it down and sent it home with Todd's family so they could have the same fun.

JOhn and Sarah officially engaged!

John and Sarah were in Boise on December 19. It seemed like a good time to go snowmobiling in Cascade. First they carved their initials on a tree.
Then John brought out "THE RING". It is a beautiful square cut diamond set in platinum.

We'll all be there for the wedding on June 12th in Manti. YIPPEE!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in SLC

Laine dressed Randee up as a gypsy. I'm sorry that I misssed the sandals. They were especially appropriate. Ron laughed as he asked, "I wonder if we could have gotten her on the plane?"
There was always a gang at the game table. Notice Lance's beautiful hair.

Randee, Liz's brother David Ence, Laine and Lance all headed for the train station. They went down to Gateway Mall to enjoy the decorations and have lunch.