Thursday, March 20, 2008

Called to Serve in...

You may wonder where that is (so did I) but I think you could consider it part of the Middle East, Europe, or Asia. I will be reporting on May 28th and speaking Armenian. I am quite excited and can't wait to start my new and challenging adventure.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chad Turns Twenty-Seven

Chad Freeman (Screamin ) was born in Federal Way, Washington. He will always be special because his middle name declares my lineage. Chad and his wife, Melissa and two daughters live in Arizona were Chad is a super-salesman for Capital.

Happy Birthday Joseph Scott Gabrielsen

I love those blue eyes, and am surprised at the straight hair. He shares his grandmother's love of food.

Scott was born May 19, 1979. Since he is the oldest son of our oldest son, he is the "Don" of our grandchildren and is such a good example of service, education and caring. I'd like to share some of the pictures taken along the way:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Steven Turns 18

Steven turned 18 this month. He is one of my heroes. His reputation is one of being a hard worker and we love it. Steven also plays hard; he likes to ski and bike, etc. He is also getting good on the guitar. Joe has been on the computer this week looking for just the right laptop for a college bound freshman.

Steven with John and Cedric in Mexico

A Great New Look

The Workmen came and went....we would like to show you our new front door area.

Randee Visits Boise

We didn't get a chance to do all the fun things I had planned, but we did get to the hair dresser. Randee's new hair do turned out so cute.