Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lance Turns Sixteen

That's right. Time for group dating and night driving. Utah law says that he will have to drive with an adult over 21 for the next six months then. (Todd, is your insurance up to date?)

Lance attends Olympus High School now as a sophomore. He is very creative and in addition to playing the violin in a couple of orchestra, Lance enjoys making "things" and outdoor activities.

He prefered a pie rather than cake to celebrate.

Here is how he feels about kissing girls.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

It is a long standing tradition in the Fager Family to carve pumpkins just before Halloween. The hunt for just the right pumpkin is the first step. It has to have a flat face and be able to stand upright without tipping over. Vance found the perfect ones at Sam's club this year.

Next is to select the desired pattern. (We do cheat and use a 1.99 kit.) I am one that usually goes for the easiest patterns. Vance, Ben and David like the moderate to difficult ones. Vance took my easy one so I could take pictures. Besides that, he is MUCH better than I am at carving.

Then the comes the cleaning out of the pumpkin. I must admit this is the least favorite and messy step for all of us. The cleaner and thinner the inside, the easier it is.

Making the dot-to-dot pattern and carving is next. This is the tricky part and it needs a patient and steady hand. It is too much like sewing for me - following a pattern and directions, plus I want it done in 15 minutes. We turned on church music (it was Sunday) and enjoyed the process. The boys completed their masterpieces in about 1 hour and 30 minutes start to finished. I was the cheerleader and cleaner.

The finished product! Vance carved "Boofus" , David "Prowler", and Ben "The Haunted House"

Friday, October 26, 2007

How Did They Get This Old!!!!

I was so delighted with these senior pictures that I wanted to share them with everybody.

Steven is studying to improve this ACT score. He would like to go to BYU Utah, but BYU Idaho would be a good option. Steven is interested in most kinds of sports. He plays the guitar and is
known as a good worker who does projects for neighbors including GPA and GMA. He enjoys playing the field with the girls.

Gabe would like to bring his already high ACT score up to be eligible for the big scholarships. He is on the Centennial swim team, has qualified for the state meet and found that he likes the long distance contests. He is looking forward to some water polo. He takes piano lessons and has been asked to sing for different occasions. Gabe has found he has a talent for expressing himself in writing.

This is Steven and Gabe as infants. Remember that Steven is from Arizona and is 3 months older. Gabe was born in Canada and is now a U. S. Citizen.
Although they get along well with each other, they take their
individual paths.

These pictures of were taken on the 2003 Trek of the Hickories Ward. Joe was the Young Men's President and participated with them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't Worry I Said YeS!!!!!!

So as most of you know....I am getting married! December 28th is the date. We are getting married in the Timpanogos temple at 2:00 p.m.!!!! So here is the story.

Thursday night we went and picked out rings. I fell in love VERY VERY quickly with a ring and said "THAT IS IT!" Let me tell is BEAUTIFUL!!! Luckily his cousin works at the jewelry store and gets the ring at their cost;-) Let me also tell you something about jewelry stores....THEY MAKE A LOT OF MONEY OFF YOU!!! So needless to say we got an amazing discount, hence the blingy ring.

So Friday Richard took me to Temple Square, proposed to me there and then said "hey we're going to dinner at The Roof (the restaurant that over looks temple square) I have reservations. He then told me we needed to change...I was thinking change in to what??! He then told me that he had gone to my apartment earlier that day to get my clothes for me. CUTE HUH:-) Cute Fiance huh!!!! Anyway that is the story. So the reader's digest version for those that are interested, he proposed I said yes;-) Anyway LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

First High School Dance

Everyone remembers the excitement of being asked to their first high school dance. Ben had heard rumors that he was going to be asked and was really hoping it would be someone exciting. Sure enough, during family home evening on Monday there was a knock on the door and this is what was there....

Ben left the following reply on her front lawn...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Football Frenzy

So Dave and John are on an intramural football team together this year and it has been SOOO fun to go to the games. I know just enough about football to get REALLY nervous when they play, but not enough to realize when I don't have to be nervous anymore. I don't have very good pictures of the action because all the pictures I have taken of them except these two have been too dark. My camera also died, and remembering to charge it has been a challenge for this is the best you might get. I will keep trying though.
John is doing really well and the team NEEDS him. He has done really well on both offense and defense. He has intercepted a pass and run it in for a touchdown, as well as scored multiple offensive touchdowns. I know there was a big Garner to Gabrielsen thing in high school, but so far this season John has had more touchdown passes from Dave; its a blast to watch and cheer! I also never realized how quick John is... he is such an athlete!

This picture is of Zach Garner (#12) as well as Dave(#19). They split quarter-backing time which I think is really neat. Neither one of them plays defense because I guess that's kind of rule of thumb. They have both done really well leading the team. If all three games they have played were added up Dave said the score would be 14 touchdowns to 3. Dave has such a great arm and good size that I turn into this giddy/large/cheerleader/wife creature when he gets out on the field... I am just so stinkin' proud of him!
They are currently 3-0 and will play their 4th game tonight at 7:00. Jenn has been to a game or two and Katie plans on coming tonight; it's always nice to have family there.


(This is their team name since all but two of the players are former CHS football players)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Halloween Fun

Halloween Memories

Acapella Choir Concert

David had a concert last night and it was excellent. His group sang 5 songs and I recorded 2 of them until my memory card was full. He really likes singing in choir and has come a million miles in his ability to read and sing music. These are not easy songs and David knew his part well (he practiced them at home). He sings bass 1 which is the higher part, many times he is singing in tenor range. The men are often split into 4 or 5 parts.

I loved seeing all the kids dressed in tuxedos and black formals. Sit back and enjoy the concert; both videos take about 5 minutes total. (May have to click a couple of times to activate, but it works!)

Can't wait for the Christmas Concert!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stake Conference Trauma-Drama (warning: long post - might get bored)

I know Trauma-Drama isn't a real word, but I feel like its the only way to describe an experience I had this past Stake Conference weekend. I also know that Stake Conference and either one of those words really shouldn't be in the same sentence, but hopefully after I explain, you won't blame me too much.And so it begins....A couple of weeks ago Dave and I attended a stake choir practice for the upcoming Stake Conference. When it was all over, I spent a few minutes taking to the stake music person, Maria. In the ensuing conversation she asked me if I would be willing to accompany a sister in the stake who Maria was trying to contact for a musical number to take place during the Adult Session Saturday night. She told me in the event that she got a hold of this sister, I would be receiving a phone call about what music I was to be playing. I readily agreed to help and thanked her for the opportunity to serve. Or so I thought...Nearly two weeks later I rememered the conversation we had, and realized nothing would be coming of it. That is, until I received a phone call that evening (Thursday night) around 8:00. It was a pleasant girl named Annie on the other line. She informed me she was the viola player I was to accompany that weekend. She brought the music over about a half an hour later and I promptly put it onto the piano to see what I had got myself into. The song of choice was Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. I LOVE this piece, but had never played it. On my first dry run I realized it was DIFFICULT. This arrangement was hard! At this point, I didn't know if I was going to learn the piece adequately by Saturday. I only had about ten minutes that evening before Dave and I had to go to his intramural volleyball game at 9:00, and then come back to quiet hours. Friday we were going to be gone all evening, and while Saturday was open, I had so many things I had to get gone I didn't know how to manage it all.I spent the next 48 hours finding sporadic pockets to pray and practice. After a near nervous breakdown or two, I finally felt like I could pull this off. At 4:00 on Saturday, Annie came over to practice. We went through it a number of times and it was a bit rough... we needed more practice together. When we were done I made a comment about going to the church to practice together sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 when the meeting was supposed to start. This is when Annie told me, "Oh, we don't play on Saturday, we play on Sunday!". I questioned it just a little because I thought I had heard Saturday, but she was confident Maria had told her it was for the Sunday session; this wasn't MY musical number after all, it was Annie's. We made plans to meet early and go through it a couple of times before the real deal on Sunday. She then told me that she was going to call Maria to make sure we had the right schedule figured out, and that I should plan on Sunday unless I heard from her in the next hour.When 6:40 rolled around, I was relieved to not be playing that evening, and left for the chapel. I asked Dave on the way out the door if I should grab my music to which he responded, "yeah, just in case".The meeting started and I was enjoying myself. Musical number, speaker, speaker, musical number, speaker, rest hymn. etc....President Clawson got up to announce the second half of the meeting; I heard some of what he had to say, but not all... "First, we will hear from so and so; President of the Sunday School, then we have a special musical number by Annie (something or other), and Melanie Crocker mprhg prgrhm, qrtsmmns, ghsbmuph, klscbth..." the rest was all mumbles. My head snapped up, my face started burning, I started sweating hot and cold, and my heart started pounding in my chest. "No!" I thought, "I'm not ready, I haven't practiced on this piano. I HAVE to practice on this paino!! The keyboard is lower, they keys are stickier, and I have to adjust to the sound!! We haven't practiced together here, and I don't even know is Annie is in attendance today!! I need to go through my solo's and the runs just a few more times. I need just a few minutes and then I can do it." Needless to say I was panicked! I hadn't even picked up on the fact that he called me Melanie Crocker as opposed to Melanie Crockett, one of my friends pointed that out later.I quickly stood up from my spot in the middle of the bench which was not-so-conveniently toward the front of the chapel and wiggled my way past the others sitting in my row with all the grace of a obese giraffe with music clutched in hand. I had spotted Maria when she came in earlier, so I went to her bench and rapidly explained the situation to her. She and her husband got up, left the chapel to try and race home, get Annie's number, call her, and get her to the chapel with her viola before the speaker said "Amen". The race was on. I spent the next ten minutes pacing the halls muttering incoherent things to myself, and praying they would move the number to the next day.My prayers were in vain; the next few minutes were kind of a blur, but somehow, right before the speaker sat down Annie, and her husband, and Maria and hers showed up and we gathered outside the door at the front of the chapel all leaning in to hear the end of this talk. Never before had I wanted a speaker to take more time; drag out his words, and inconvenience everyone. I wanted that now though; I wanted it really bad. Alas, the end came quickly, and we were only gathered for about a minute before we had to march in. Somehow I made it to the piano and managed to put the music up. Since Annie hadn't tuned her viola to that particular piano we spent a minute doing so which, I was grateful for. It gave me a minute to get my nervous bladder under control.We started... normally after about the first page my nerves would subside, and I could continue on with confidence. This was not the case; I was rattled to the point of shaky throughout the entire peice. Never before have I battled myself so fiercly; every note was hard fought for and every new line a seemingly insurmountable feat. My beautifully practiced piece did NOT turn out as I had so badly wanted and prepared for. In fact, I know I did much worse than anyone else probably realized, but nonetheless, we pulled it off. From what I hear we didn't do TOO bad, but I knew it wasn't too good either.It was over; I was a bag of nerves for the rest of the meeting, and gave up trying to listen to the last speaker.The next day I was so grateful to be singing in the stake choir amid multiple FABULOUS musicians and singers. In fact, I stood between two women with voices far superior to mine. What a relief!I do have to laugh when I think about the poor little family in our ward (whose name I won't mention) who accidently sent a fuzzy, neon/elmo red colored scripture case (with scriptures inside) flying off the balcony onto the congregation below. They were sitting toward the front where the speaker was, and 20-30 feet to fall is pretty far, so EVERYBODY saw it happen. Fortunately, next year, no one will remember who played or sang what at stake conference, but they will still be able to laugh at the fluffy red flying saucer. Thank you family; you probably didn't enjoy what happened (although the husband spent the next few minutes trying to supress his giggles), but I consider it a tender mercy!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fagers' Favorite Foods

I created a blog for tried and true recipes that you like called Fagers' Favorite Foods. There is a link in the right hand column of the page. Please contribute some of your favorite recipes. I put a few of you on the author list, if you are not on the list, let me know and I will add you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tennis Match

Here is a clip of David's recent tennis match.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kylee and Hannah--Get With It!

Randee and Kylee show off the "Turning Twenty
quilt that K made while visiting in Boise.

If Kylee won't post a blog, I guess we will have to do it for her. Hannah is wearing her "Denae" blouse!

Monday, October 8, 2007

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

One of these things doesn't belong...

Sunday, October 7, 2007


"Duuuust in the wind" A-mer-i-can Wo-maaan, stay a-way from me -ee"

Ben got the garb for an x-box karaoke game and we have had more fun singing, laughing and competing. Both David and I were laughing so hard we cried watching Vance sing "Start Me Up"

Fager Conference Weekend

This weekend, Ben and I went to Provo to see "the girls" (Jenn, Mel, and Katie), husband and boyfriend. We had a great time! First we went to see Melanie at her office. She's worked for Craig Ainge, a CPA, for the past year and couple months. Ben endured shopping for a baby quilt. Melanie is so cute with her "tummy." Being 6-foot can no longer hide her protruding stomach. Dave affectionately refers to her as fatso.

Next we went to Katie's botany class and literally chased her 70-year old professor around BYU campus as he identified 15 new plants, and quizzed his students on another couple of dozen plants and trees they had previously learned. Her final will consist of knowing the common name, genus, species, and family of 240 plants. She is examining the Dawn Redwood, meta sequioa glypto stoboides genus and species of the taxonaceae family.

We spent Saturday and Sunday watching conference and playing lots in between. Jenn likes to watch conference like I do. It is much easier to clean the house, cook, or do my semi-annual ironing session to stay better focused. Katie likes to take notes on her computer. Saturday afternoon we crowded onto Melanie's couch to watch the 2nd session.

Between the morning and afternoon session on Saturday, Jenn and I went to Spanish Fork Canyon to visit with Richard's parents. It was absolutely gorgeous with beautiful fall colors. They live on a 5-acre lot in a small gated community. These pictures were taken just up the road from Richard's house.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Climbling to the top of the Horn

This mountain is over 13,000 feet and located in the Wastach front. What mountain did Reed, Lance, and Todd climb?