Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Faces

Ultimate in St. George

Todd was the team's only substitue and wished often that he was in better shape!

Todd and his scout troup decided that they would like to participate in the Ultimate frisbee games in St. George. They camped out on Mumford's lawn in Kanaaraville. They requested to play in the bottom league. It turns out there was only one--including two teams from BYU. Todd said they got creamed every game, but that everyone was very kind and helpful. Is using the tongue to concentrate a Gabrielsen trait?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RAndee and Rob--2008

Randee has been visiting in St. George most of the summer. One of their favorite things to do is to be a hostess at the outdoor theater and see the shows free. Another is to go swimming at a friend's complex.

Water Fun at Lucky Peak

David brought his family to Boise the weekend of July 24, 2008. The Blackhurst family joined them. Here are some of the pictures. These pictures are thanks to Ty. If anyone else got some good ones, please send them to

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Then & NOW!!!

This is Kylee in a picture marked 2002.

This is Kylee in July of 2008 when she was presented at a Debutante Sweet Sixteen Party.

She will be a junior at Alta High School when school starts in the fall and is very interested in music.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Memories

To quote from Denae's letter. "Mika (pronounced Meeka) was our last dog to buy ever. Yoshi needed a friend so badly that we couldn't resist her sweet face. She was born on the twentieth of April and sleeps with us every night."
Kristie Blackhurt and Denae Gabrielsen have been best friends for many years starting at Joy School in Boise.

This is the girls in 2007. Somehow, we all knew they would be gorgeous when they grew up. Denae is a registered nurse and Kristie a Dental Hygenist. (Cleans teeth).

Kristie married Ryan Kemp on March 1st in the Boise Temple. Denae was her maid of honor.

Cavanaughs Visit Peru.

AFter the August earthquake, this is all that is left standing of the home that was built for the missionaries. Jake was one of the first missionaries to live in it and there have been 40 elders since that time.

Jake was able to take this entire group to the best restaurant for $45.00. It was a very touching and rewarding trip for both of them.

In June 2008 Jake and Denae decided to visit Peru and see some of the families with whom Jake had worked. He was in this area called Ica for 14 months. As you can tell, they travelled light and had many fun stories to tell. They flew into the Lima airport from an all night flight and then drove five hours on a bus. They stayed with Hermana Florabell in her home. A sign saying Bienvenidos Famila Cavnaugh. Queremos mucho..meaning Welcome Cavanaugh Family, we love you very much.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Blog is for Laine

These little friends live over the fence. Laine can climb over it easily.

The Gabrielsens on North Woodside have a new pet. Their female rabbit Annabelle has been very lonely so Bud (a male who is "fixed") lives with them. Bud and Annabelle have lots of fun together, but they like to eat lots of vegetables. Those that survive have to be surrounded by cages. The rabbits will eat some weeds, but not the ones Todd would like.

Kri Paw gives a Cooking Lesson

Todd and Liz recently participated in a program to help some of the many refugees that are in the Salt Lake area. They did such things as provide food, drive kids to a park, take pictures and make an album, etc. The women were encouraged to have the family over to give a cooking lesson. Kri Paw, her husband and two children (ages 3 and 5 I think, but the finger numbers kept changing) are Karen people who lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for 21 years before coming to the US three years ago. Her husband runs a fork lift at the Humanitarian Services and she sorts clothing. Some of my best pictures were blurry... One gets a wad of sticky rice in his/her fingers and scoops up whatever one wants to eat with it. Lain is demonstrating.

July Fun in Draper

Last Saturday we had a get together at David's home in Draper Heights. Here are a few pictures I took. I wish I had gotten more especially of John's Sara. Did anyone else have a camera? Basketball is always a great thing with the fellows. Carson is waiting his turn.

Gabriella Joins Family

Meet our newest family member--Gabriella Gabrielsen who was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 3, 2008. Notice the fun curly hair. Her birth father is a musician who may have had some Indian blood. Moke likes her very much.

Capital Expands Building

Capital is adding over 8,000 square feet to the back of their building in Draper. Richard took the picture because one opened the back door and WOW! A 20 feet fall! I am afraid of heights. Troy said that the special footings will go in this week and the framing next. Notice who Saren has brought to work with her.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

GAbe Enjoys Samoa

GAbe is spending at least summer at a private school in Samoa. While there he is doing some BYU Home Study--I understand Physics--and the Samonan language. He is tutoring math and science.